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IPlife pass is ALL-IN-ONE unique product which contains all features required to meet basic people’s communication needs.

Usually represented by an IPlife electronic rechargeable card this pass provides users with access to a large set of communication services such as VoIP, Hotel, Callshop and Payphone PIN-less telephony, Wi-Fi or wired internet access via IPlife Wi-Fi hotspots, Prepaid Calling Card, CallBack, DID numbers, Hot-desking etc.

All IPlife passes issued by different Service Providers, in different currencies, purchased anywhere are fully compatible. As the result, they can be used anywhere by any IPlife customer for VoIP, Calling Card and CallBack services and acceptable by any IPlife Agent (IPlife-compliant site such as IPlife Hotel, Callshop, Internet cafe, Public Payphone, Wi-Fi hotspot etc.) for on-site communication services.
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