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New valuable
ALL-IN-ONE retail communications Product under your Brand name.

Ideal solution for:

Hotel network, Travel agency, Touristic resort, Airline Company, Steamship Company, Supermarket network, Armed forces, Prison, Embassy, Serviced office accommodation, etc.

  • Any currency, value, rates and design
  • Promotes brand, helps to gain more customers and their fidelity by offering new unique product
  • Smart and easy way to meet your customers’ and employees’ communication needs
  • Any price in any currency for each own IPlife Product
  • Doesn’t require any own communications network infrastructure
  • Doesn’t require any own software or hardware
IPlife Partner is a virtual network operator that does not own any communications network infrastructure and uses the entire IPlife network existing infrastructure to launch and exploit its own IPlife-compliant Product represented by self-branded IPlife-compliant card.

IPlife electronic rechargeable card provides customers with access to many different communication services such as VoIP, Hotel, Callshop and Payphone PIN-less telephony, Wi-Fi or wired internet access via IPlife Wi-Fi hotspots, Prepaid Calling Card, CallBack, DID numbers, Hot-desking etc.

Partner doesn’t need any special software and hardware to provide customers with these retail services because all applications are running on the existing remote IPlife platform with powerful feature-rich billing software inside.

Each Partner is able to build absolutely own self-branded product, apply any call termination rates and any custom design of the cards.

All IPlife cards issued by different Partners and Service Providers, in different currencies, purchased anywhere are fully compatible. As the result, they are acceptable by any IPlife Agent (IPlife-compliant site) and could be used anywhere by any IPlife customer.

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